The project named „Developement and unification of partner electronic businesses” has been realised with the support of Businesses of Young Hungarians and Hungarian Families living abroad of the Bethlen Gábor Fund.

Bethlen Gábor Fund is a separated public fund, which purpose according to law nr. CLXXXII from 2010 is to facilitate the material and intellectual developement of the Hungarian minority, both on individual and on community level, in their homeland, outside the mother country, to keep and develop their own culture, to keep and strengthen the diverse relationships with the mother country and to offer support in this regard.

This webpage represents one of the final products of the projects meant to support the activities of the young Hungarian’s Businesses, which are registered and which operate in the neighbouring contries with Hungary.

Thanked to the service equipped with new technologies and to the cooperation ensured by the project, we elaborated new services, that help our Hungarian clients in the region to improve quality, beside the fact, that it supports the technological developement of the Hungarian community. As a result, an intelectual refreshment and a practical endowment have been carried out. A service, in which joint work, brainstorming and permanent technological innovations help us in improving our services.

The implemented project represents the cooperation of 4 young engineers dealing with electronics, the creation of a professional business group, which is unique in our region. The common group of the successful businesses has achieved the project’s commitmentsin a dynamic way, with the help of the professional, business and human realationships of many years.